Combain Mobile AB
Address:Scheelevägen 15
223 70 Lund
Phonenumber:+46 (0)46 288 6 288
Location:Lat 55.712, Long 13.214
VAT: SE556738791401
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Our management team are committed to provide you with high quality services. They have a long experience from the telecom industry and has been working for companies as Ericsson, Sony-Ericsson and Teleca.

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Board and advisor

The founders of Combain has been successful and been able to recruit a team of advisors with valuable backgrounds and personal networks.

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In the news

Stop the presses! Combain has some astonishing news! Follow the links below to read what has been covered about us.

Metro Teknik, 26/2-2011
MyNewsDesk, 16/2-2011

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