Hybrid Positioning System

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Hybrid positioning systems are systems for finding the location of a mobile device using several different positioning technologies. Usually GPS (Global Positioning System) is one major component of such systems, comb(a)ined with cell tower signals, wireless internet signals, Bluetooth sensors or other local Positioning Systems.

These systems are specifically designed to overcome the limitations of GPS, which is very exact in open areas, but works poorly indoors or between tall buildings (the urban canyon effect). By comparison, cell tower signals are not hindered by buildings or bad weather, but usually provide less precise positioning. Wi-Fi signals may give very exact positioning, but only in urban areas with high Wi-Fi density - and depend on a comprehensive database of Wi-Fi access points.

Hybrid positioning systems are increasingly being explored for certain civilian and commercial location-based services and location-based media, which need to work well in urban areas in order to be commercially and practically viable.

Combain Positioning System

Combain provide you with the location by using the GSM/WCDMA and wifi networks. It is not required to connect to any wifi network, just do a scan and receive data of which wifi networks are present. The ID of the networks together with the signal strength is submitted to our positioning server. Combain looks up all the cells and wifis in the database and calculates the most likely position and estimated accuracy based on this data and advanced algorithms.

Location Privacy

Combain respects your privacy. We understand that since we can determine the location very accurately, this information is inherently personal. The laws of Sweden are very stringent regarding storage of personal data and there are strict recommendations that we follow.
Our customers have their own secure login with very controlled access to their data and the position data is stored a limited time.
All the stored positions in our database is anonymous crowd sourced data.
Our positioning apps and SDKs do not send any personally identifiable information with the positions, but use an automatically created key.

Always a position with Hybrid Positioning