We provide you with a position! You have a mobile device or mobile application and you need to know where it is. By having your device listening to information sent out from cell-towers and wifi spots, we can then help you calculate a position of your device or app based on that information. You can utilize the services from us by either integrating our Combain SDK into your plattform, or having your application accessing our webservice called Location API.


Combain Software Development Kit (SDK) is a piece of software you can integrate into your platform with our support. You are a device manufacturer or have a cooperation with a manufacturer so you have access to enhance the software solution in the device. The Combain SDK is integrated with the available sensors in your plattform (cell-id, wifi and accelerometer) and handles position look-up, local caching and power reduction.

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location api

Location-API is a webservice for location look-ups. You make a request to our server, with cell-id and wifi data, and we respond with the geographical coordinates latitude and longitude together with an accuracy.

You can evaluate the Location API by signing up for a free trial. With a commercial license, you can get access to an API with multicell and wifi positioning and an account with statistics of your position requests.

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Case studies

Where is my mum? Where is my wife? And where is my money? Three quite relevant questions and all of them can be answered by using solutions from Combain Mobile. It is all about latitude and longitude, but also how you use it, when you use it and why. How you use positioning varies a lot.

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Coverage maps

What's the coverage in my country? The number of built cell-towers and deployed wifi hotspots increase everyday. You have cell-towers and wifi hot-spots all over the planet. Our coverage maps will show you a snap-shot of our current coverage.

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How it works

Every cell-tower and wifi hotspot is broadcasting their own unique ID to announce their existence. Imagine a beacon sending out a unique pattern which is the ID. By reading these IDs, and look them up in our database, we can calculate your most likely position.

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