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Accurate positioning everywhere enhance the value and experience of your products. Contact us for a solution that works for your unique business.
Learn how Combain positioning can enhance your products.
Mobile Phones
GPS is not enough for a good mobile phone positioning experience. It is slow, does not work indoor and consumes a lot of power. Android and iPhone have added their own proprietary positioning SDK and to their devices.

If you are a mobile phone OEM/ODM and have your own OS or use Android but without Google licence, then Combain positioning can help you. Either you write your own positioning SDK and access our database or we help you integrate Combain SDK into your devices. With our help you will achieve "Android" positioning performance with lower power consumption and less data.
Mobile Platforms
A positioning enabled mobile platform adds a lot of value and saves development time for your customers.

If you are a chipset manufacturer for wireless connectivity, then Combain can help you to add value to your platform either by integrating positioning as an adapted SDK or as a simple positioning API. The business model could be either that you include the positioning in your platform offer or that you offer licensing from Combain to your customers. In any case the customer will benefit from a preconfigured and tested positioning service.
Tracking Devices
For tracking devices, positioning is key. But GPS positioning is not working indoor and in dense urban. Today it is up to the end user to implement a fallback cell-id solution, if the devices support it.

If you are a tracking device manufacturer, Combain can support your cell-id fallback solution for all your customers. Just read out the cell-ids in your devices and use Location-API service for translating them to a position. If you in your next generation products add a wifi sniffer as well, you will get GPS accuracy everywhere.
Location Based Services
Location based services need a position to work. Most of them today rely on GPS data, that does not work well indoor and in dense urban. So to offer a reliable location based service, it should be based on hybrid positioning techniques where cell-id and wifi positioning complements the GPS positioning. This is already offered in iPhone and Android, but not in any other platforms.

If you are developing location based services, Combain can help you to get a high quality service with hybrid positioning. Use our Location API service with cell-id and wifi positioning to complement the GPS.
Consumer Electronics
Consumer electronics today normally do not have positioning. But imagine what you could do if they did...
Your new TV would be able to automatically set correct channels for your area and set the language. You could find who borrowed your lawn mover. You could use your portable game console for augmented reality treasure hunting. (Sony's next PSP already have wifi positioning integrated!)

If you are developing consumer electronics and have wifi or BT in your device, Combain can help you with positioning that can enhance the consumers experience. We believe every connected device will have some type of positioning in the future.
Mobile Applications
Location is key for many mobile apps today. If you are developing for Android, you have the Coarse Location that provides cell-id and wifi positioning. But what if the user has turned off data roaming? Today your app does not get any position unless your GPS can lock. No location tagging of your photos or Tweets etc. Solution is to locally store all cell-ids and wifis at the event and later do a look-up in Location-API when you have free wifi or returned home.

If you are an app developer, Combain can help you with positioning through our Location-API service. Both cell-id and wifis can be combined for better accuracy.