We believe in location based services! We see a great value of knowing where things are. We love to be part of this paradigm shift. In the early days - you always knew where you called. You made a phone call to a fixed address. But you never knew who should answer. Now it is the opposite - you know who you are calling when calling a mobile phone, but you don't know where you are calling. With mobile positioning solutions and with location based services we location enabled the phone, or any mobile device, again.

Vision & Mission

We are on a mission from our guru Mr Lat Long. We have promised Mr Lat Long we will bring position enabling to all mobile devices on this planet. All devices located in the area from Greenwich in UK and 180 degrees to the west and 180 degrees to the east. We have also promised Mr Lat Long that we will be able to locate all the devices with an accuracy of ONE meter - in three dimensions. Our vision is that we have succeeded, by year 2020. By 2015 we provide positioning information to >1 billion connected devices. The accuracy at that time is 10x10x10 meters. Mr Lat Long will be so proud of us at that time, and he will push us to carry on our mission.

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Market trends & Facts

The SmartPhones are paving the way for Location Based Services. Big displays, great apps and GPS. Maps, Navigators, Find My Phone, Friend Finders, Find Nearest Pizzeria, Facebook Check-ins, Location enabled Twitter, Geo-tagged images, Location enabled search and Location targeted ads. Gartner is estimating that revenue from location-based services for consumers will reach $8.3 billion in 2014. But to secure a rich user-experience you can not just rely on the GPS. You need cell-id and wifi to be able to use your services indoor and to not drain your battery.

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Position insights

Where is everybody? And how are they moving around? We receive millions of position updates everyday - from more that 200 countries around the world. We are right now looking into creatives way to analyze this significant stream of data. All positioning data is anonymous so no one shall feel tracked or monitored. But the data can help us to answer questions important for anthropologists and marketers. We will come back with some reports later on. Keep posted! Sign-up here to be first in line.

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